Terms & Conditions

Venue Hire Offerings

Her Majesty’s is an expansive country venue in Kyalami North, accommodating small to large functions in a flowing three tier design lending itself to specialised launch, cocktail, band, orchestra and event areas.


Full venue hire includes: A clean, polished venue, 8, 10 or 12 seater oval tables, basic cutlery and crockery, gold base plates, cream Damask linen, function manager and cleaners. All events are exclusive.

Bon Vivant is our 5 star catering wing should the self-catering option not be chosen.


BARMEN AND WAITERS: The client is responsible for the cost of hiring all barmen, additional staff and waiters – numbers to be agreed in writing.

CORKAGE: You supply your own liquor but in terms of the liquor act you may not sell liquor on our premises. You will be required to sign this non-negotiable condition.

ALCOHOL: No alcohol may be drunk in or taken to the parking lot.

CATERING: Unless managed by us, catering is considered a private contractual arrangement between the client/patron and Bon Vivant caterers.

ADDITIONAL TIME: Additional time (post-midnight) can be negotiated for special occasions at R1500 per hour or part thereof – without music.

AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT: AV equipment is available for hire.

DÉCOR, EVENT MANAGEMENT, and FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS: Her Majesty’s is able to provide all the latter services at a market related negotiated cost.

EXCLUSIVITY: The venue hire is exclusive. No other function will take place on your day of choice. If no other function is planned, the client is welcome to conduct pre-set ups the day before and the day after the function for clean ups. All removals of items are subject to security consideration and property ownership conditions.

FUNCTION MANAGER: We supply a function manager and cleaners to maintain the venue hall and restrooms areas for the event until midnight.

GAS HEATERS: Gas heaters to warm up the venue for winter days and large groups are seldom required. A small fee for this is levied if requested.

KITCHEN HIRE: For support of self-catering services, the kitchen can be hired at R2000 for final prepping and warming only. This fee also covers cost of gas supplied, electricity, and a supervisor and pre/post kitchen cleaning to align with public and hospitality health requirements. Kitchen smalls must be supplied by the client/caterer. Unless by prior arrangement, washing of crockery etc. with the self-catering option is not to be performed in the kitchen.

FOOD PREPPING: Initial food preparation and cooking must be done off site, (unless by prior negotiation and confirmation) or in the garden in the case of spit braais, and catering vehicles and vendor stalls etc.

PREMIUM WAX POLISH FOR MAIN VENUE: An additional R400 per day.

INSURANCE: The client is responsible for providing his/her or company insurance to cover items of value or anything brought on to the premises for any event. This includes electronic equipment, props, sound equipment, décor, linen, vehicles, refrigeration equipment, and portable toilets (not supplied by us for very large gatherings). We are not responsible for the theft, destruction, removal or damage to any such properties.

MUSIC: In terms of by-laws and community requirements, music must be turned down by 23.00 hours.

PORTABLE LUXURY TOILETS: These can be hired in at client expense for very large events in the gardens.

SECURITY DEPOSIT AND REFUNDS: A R5000 refundable deposit is payable within two weeks prior to the event. This deposit covers breakages, theft, damage to property, furniture and fittings, loss of crockery and cutlery etc. Window or mirror breakages, burn marks from chafing dishes or carpet damage will also be for the client’s cost. At the end of the event a count will be undertaken which the client is required to attend for good governance and ethical purposes. Losses will be calculated in monetary terms and replacement terms (the original condition) which may or may not exceed the R5000 deposit. Should damages of any kind exceed the R5000, a new value is to be calculated. Her Majesty’s will not accept any excuse for nonattendance and any dispute of the amounts calculated. No defensive explanation whatsoever will be accepted for any losses, theft or breakages, even in the case of staff provided and hired by the venue being the primary cause during set-up/break down or removal.

SECURITY CLEARANCE: Her Majesty’s require that a ‘security clearance’ be obtained for all trucks or individuals arriving for pre-set up or post event in the client’s interests and ours. Please notify the owner of vehicles and individuals who will be involved with these processes.

SECURITY GUARDS: An additional and compulsory security car guard will be provided at R200 per shift if none is provided by the client. It is noted that with corporate functions the client has often preferred to provide their own attendants, guards and welcoming assistants.

WAITERS: The standard hospitality sector requirement indicates one waiter per table. This ensures service quality.

WINE BUCKETS: Due to damage from previous events from wine buckets and spillage on to the wooden floor, no wine buckets will be permitted on the floor to protect said floor. Patrons have accepted placement of wine buckets on each table.

LIGHTING: Lighting supplied by photographers (eg. parcans) must be of the modern LED type/nature to prevent electricity supply overload.

CHILDREN: A large garden area is conducive for children to play outdoors. Supervisors or a responsible adult must be supplied by the client for safety and security reasons. This is non-negotiable.

MEZZANINE FLOOR AND CHILDREN: Children may not be fed on the upstairs (third tier) Mezzanine carpeted area and responsible adults must ensure that they do not play on the baby grand piano. Drinks or food may not be placed on the piano. Spillage on the carpet or damage to the piano requires specialized repair or cleaning which will be for the clients account if this condition is breached.


BREAKAGES: The client is responsible for all breakages, theft or loss of cutlery, crockery, linen and/or damage to venue accessories, furniture and fittings.

CATERING: See Bon Vivant Catering details below for your specific menu, budget and cultural requirement category. Call them direct.

DELIVERIES: All deliveries or removals to be made by prior appointment in the interests of your security and asset protection and that of the venue.

ACCEPTANCE: Acceptance of this quote implies full acceptance of all conditions contained herein and on the final quotation. This document serves as the only binding agreement.

DEPOSIT: A non-refundable deposit of 50% booking the venue as stipulated above is due on confirmation of the booking. The deposit secures the function date with full balance due within two weeks of the event failing which the event will assumed to be cancelled.

CANCELLATION: A minimum cancellation fee of 20% applies within two months of the function. Cancellation within 30 days (thirty) will require a forfeit of 50% of the total function cost. Cancellation within two weeks of the function will result in a 100% forfeit of the deposit.

EVENT FINISHING TIME: All events are required to end by midnight which then requires that all guests will have vacated the property and client equipment must then be removed.

FIRE: No fire or fireworks may be lit in the venue at any stage or any chemicals used of a hazardous nature. The patron/client will be liable for all costs and penalties damage should this be breached – both qualitative and quantitative.

HIRING AND OTHER FEES: All fees are required to be fully paid up two weeks before the event. Her Majesty’s reserves the right to cancel the event with a forfeiture of deposit should these conditions be breached.

JURISDICTION: The client accepts the Randburg magisterial district for any legal disputes.

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